High Court in Nebbi today has nullified and ordered fresh parliamentary Elections for Nebbi Municipal Council were Ashim Sulaiman was declared a winner.

In the last concluded municipal elections of 2018 candidate Onega Robert petitioned court to conduct a fresh elections due to the irregularities that were exhibited during the elections.

It was discovered that electoral commission nominated and declared wrongfully Ashim Sulaiman as the duly elected Member of Parliament for Nebbi Municipal Council.

Court heard that Ashim Sulaiman did not posses the minimum qualification to allow him be nominated and elected as the member of Parliament.

Basing on the document tendered before Court, it was evident that, there was variations in the four names as; Okethwengu Ashim, Ashim Sulaiman and Ashim Suleiman and there was no supporting legal document to that effect.

However High Court judge Oyuko Anthony Ojok delivered the judgment in the presence of Erias Lukwago Counsel for petitioner and Michael Okecha Lawyer for Ashim Sulaiman.

Oyuko Anthony Ojok ordered for fresh election and costs be paid to the petitioner Onega Robert.