By Abiria May Grace & Amule Daniel

On 3rd May 2019, Radio Pacis marked World Press Freedom Day, by cleaning around Ediofe Trading Centre.

The Keep Ediofe trading center clean campaign was also a deliberate step to sensitize the public more on the Go green campaign started by radio pacis to conserve the environment.

Fr. Charles Idraku the Assistant Director of Radio Pacis stressed that the campaign was also to re awaken the public on the letter written by Pope Francis in 2015 where he asked Christians and people of good will all over the world to care about the environment since many of our human activities have degraded the environment.

Fr. Charles Idraku Ass Director collecting rubbish on a wheelbarrow

The residents of Ediofe trading were excited and pleased with what the staff of Radio Pacis did and some of them who joined the team in cleaning the trading center were grateful for this initiative.

David Asua the person in charge of health at the Ediofe trading center pledged to continue with the good example shown by Radio Pacis.

“As the trading Centre committee will meet to decide how best to continue with this challenge of Pacis Radio”, he said.

In his message for the World Press Freedom Day 2019 Ayikobua Noel the Programs Manger Radio Pacis emphasized on the various challenges that have made it very difficult for journalists to practice their profession.

Prog Mngr. Ayikobua Noel cleaning a trench

“Many Journalists have lost their lives, jobs, families, body parts, source of livelihood to mention but a few. But what makes it interesting is the spirit is still strong” he noted.

The social media coordinator of Radio Pacis Amule Daniel appreciated the staff, the artists, guests who appeared on the various programs who joined hands to clean Ediofe trading Centre.

Social Media Cordinator Amule Daniel

“We see this as a platform for the Radio Journalists to exchange ideas with other actors on current issues, threats and achievements concerning freedom of the press and also environment conservation”. He emphasized.

Here are some photos of the cleaning of Ediofe Trading Centre

Ass Prog Mngr. Acirocan Flavia

News Reporters Onziga Simon & Dibaba John

Onziga Simon

Dawa Alice Presenter Ama Mu Drile

Chief News Editor Atule Moses

Gabriel Adrapi Senior News Reporter

Trader At Ediofe Trading Centre


Amviko Sarah HR Mngr

Peter De Rock Presenter Morning Call

Acidri Innocent Program guest


Monique Faith Program guest


One of the artists who participated in the keep Ediofe clean campaign was Gbaraspoken. He rights poems that are published on our social media sites dubbed #TheGbaraPacisPoems. Together with other artists like Jobian Tick, Monopoly, PCY used their music to sensitize the traders, vendors and the business community at Ediofe on how to manage garbage well.

Some of the Artists who joined the clean Ediofe Campaign

Radio pacis team showed a good example by burning some of the rubbish which could be burnt and the rest of the rubbish was taken and dumped at Ewuata garbage dumping site. End