By Sharon Angucia

Arua central police station barracks which has been lacking power in a number of its units for quite a number of years is set to benefit from the free electricity connection policy carried out by West Nile Rural Electrification Company –WENRECo under a special initiative by WENRECo to give back to the community.

Hiwumbire Hassan the officer in charge of Arua central police station explains that the police barracks was chosen because police is one of the biggest consumers of power.

Meanwhile Tekwo Jimmy the local council one secretary for security in the police barracks who represented the LC1 says they have been experiencing insecurity cases due to the absence of power in the barracks. Tekwo further revealed that the barracks last had electricity connected in 2006 and that they don’t know why they are not connected. He further says that for the connection to be possible, they need electricity poles which WENRECo has promised to have fixed.

However Isaac Newton Mukwaya the in charge human resources and public relations at WENRECo says under the new connection policy, access to electricity has been made cheaper as one is only required to pay 23,600/= only as inspection fees. The new policy requires one to be close to the low voltage power line and wiring of the house done ready by a certified person. An applicant should present two passport photos. This program only deals with areas that need one pole for connection.

Sam Suubi the district police commander Arua says the police will render total support to the activities of WENRECo.

During this cooperate social responsibility by WENRECo, the company also gave out 35 pairs of shoes to the police officers at Arua central police station and carried out a blood donation drive in partnership with Arua regional blood bank. End