By Emmanuel Mungufeni

African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of torture victims (ACTV) took up an initiative to create awareness on the vice of torture in West Nile region.

26th June every year is recognized as the international day of torture around the world but unfortunately not many are aware of their exposure to torture and what to do about the vice.

Torture is a deliberate harm inflicted on an individual with the intention of getting information or punishing them. It is a common practice among people of power such as the army or political leaders.

ACTV in collaboration with human rights commission undertook activities to spread the message in West Nile in this year’s celebration with the theme “TORTURE IS REAL.SPEAK OUT.TAKE ACTION”.

Among the activities included community dialogues where legal personalities were contracted to talk about the law as regards torture.

A media breakfast meeting was organized to brief journalists since they play a role in informing the public; Games organized with forces among others that helped engage the community and created a platform to inform them on torture as a vice and its repercussions. End