There is a way Lugbarati sounds and implies differently depending on who is speaking it, it has a deep colloquial sense that can be used to pass very deep messages in a plain way. Pinning lyrics to a beat in Lugbarati has been an obstacle to many artists in this industry but the NUKUTA NZEZA indigenous rap clan has always stood out and notably the combination of Gbaraspoken and Rapgun Abidara that has never failed to deliver in spitting Lugbarati pregnant with sense.
From their first “Ketura” project that received massive reception across west Nile and neighboring countries for its stinging message about giving the girl child equal opportunities, the duo is at it again this time preaching the message of uniting our cultural roots with the blowing wave of modernity.
With a classical African instrument (the flute) fused with urban kicks and claps, this tune defines the simplicity of West Nile roots and culture based on a a game children play with their palms and while skipping ropes. ”Ondindia” simply means ”pinching”. Gbaraspoken and Rapgun Abodara have gone on this song with a firm warning to the natives that the wave of change blowing should never erode the culture but instead evolve with it to keep relevant. Could this be the reason why ”Ondindia” sounds like a movie soundtrack? You will tell that with your own experience of this song.
It is just an insight to Gbaraspoken’s upcoming ‘Oyakuya’ album which he has dedicated to preserve the traditional aspects of west Nile set to be dropped by the end of the year.
Kudos Gbaraspoken on this one!