Atleast 350 choir members in Tara sub Parish have concluded a two day retreat in the Parish centre.

The participants of this retreat were drawn from the 22 chapels within the sub Parish catchment area.

Members of Anyivu zone choir during songs rehearsals at Tara sub Parish centre

Fr Tuzinde Pariyo the curate of Odravu Catholic Parish was the main facilitator at the retreat.
“In these two days we have been reflecting on the theme ‘Why am I afraid to tell you who I am?’. This theme majorly focuses on the current identity crisis among the youth, especially among the choir members as they pursue this ministry of choir because it’s a vocation. So I have come to know that many don’t produce this identity of Catholic well but they belong to the Catholic Church. So I majorly encouraged them to own the church and impress the faith all the time.”

Fr. Tuzinde says the theme of the retreat was got from the book of Jeremiah 1:6.

An outside view of Tara Sub Parish church.

This retreat started on Tuesday and was closed on Wednesday with a mass in which the Choir members renewed their promises.

Drasiku Ponzio the speaker Tara sub Parish Choir Association said, “The purpose of this retreat is to increase the faith and to encourage the choirs in their participation in the liturgical aspects of the church.”

Some of the participants have offered these comments.

Philliam Jokibo, a choir member from Tara Chapel said, “From the retreat, I have learnt so many things like the way you conduct yourself in the community and how you associate yourself with the members of Community.”

Ms.Alice Anguko, a choir member from Olua Chapel, has vowed to advise other youth to join choir based on the knowledge got from the retreat.

“I would like to tell my fellow youth outside their to join choir group. To be in choir, you will be social and you will learn many things including how to stay in society. You will also have many good friends who have you useful advice. “

An outside view of Tara Sub Parish church.

Fr. Jino Adroni the Parish Priest of Tara Sub Parish said, “This retreat is a moment given for the choir to understand fully what it means to be a member of the liturgical choir. They should help to animate prayer. When you sing, you have actually prayed.”

The retreat is expected to be hosted annually at the Parish centre. End