BY Immaculate Amony

Lango entertainment awards has announced at least 32 categories up for grab in the 2019 LEA 4th edition award.This years campaign theme is Zero teenage pregnancy, zero mother – Child transmission of HIV and Aids.

From left to right: Moi Daniel the CEO, Obua Allan the head of programs and Emma Ongia, the PRO. #CourtesyPhoto!

Lango Entertainment Award is an annual event that started in 2016. It brings together all artists (musicians), fashion designers, journalists, sports personalities, film industry and other spheres of entertainment in the eight districts of Lango sub- region and beyond.

Speaking during a press briefing, Emma Ongia, the LEA spokes person explained that they have taken a new turn, shifting much attention to advocacy with an aim of creating more impact.

“We are trying to advocate in our campaign because we want to impact in the lives of those vulnerable people in the community and this can only be done by you the journalists,  those in the music and each and everyone in the entertainment industry. When you go to the community, you will find kids dancing to music without any information so we want to change that dimension where kids will dance to music and at the same time taking the message in it. Let parents also have the same information in all that they are doing.”

In line with the advocacy platform,  this year’s awards is being marked under the theme: Zero Teenage Pregnancy, Zero Mother to Child Transmission of HIV and AIDS.

Of the 32 open categories for nomination best dance crew, best news reporter of the year, best entrepreneur of the year and life time achievement which replaced the legendary category are newly added this year. Allan Obua, the head of programs explained why saying;

“The dance crew have always been look down on to but as LEA we should promote them because it is talent that is worth promotion.” Adding that, “ For quite sometimes we have been having our very own people from the region getting involved in movie acting and production but the only challenge is that not so many people know about them but we are saying through LEA people will get to know them.” He assured.

For a song to be nominated it must have been sang between august 2018 and august 2019. The voting can be done through our official website or SMS. we are launching the 4th edition of Lango entertainment award.

Obua also explained the reason why Acholi, Teso and West Nile regions were brought on board.

“We call them special recognition category basically to recognize them: 1, as being our neighbors and 2, as people who also promotes our entertainment content and then also to create friendship so that whenever there are programs in the entertainment industry then our actors here can also participate.”

Meanwhile Moi Daniel, the Chief Executive Officer for LEA encouraged the local entertainers to trust in LEA because “we are in collaboration with Nyiro Mugisha Niyabo foundation based in the US and we always take two or three artists outside the country within a year. Last week Brazen Rule returned from Kenya Tanzania and Zanzibar through LEA so serious artists are reaping big from LEA.” He urged them to join the team instead of watching from a far.

“I also want to request the bloggers that criticism sometimes does not take you anywhere but we cannot stop you from doing positive criticism.”

Nomination for the various categories started and will run up to 6th October. Intending persons will have to log on the website at and fill the forms online, follow the prompts and submit the fully filled forms. END.