MARACHA: Christians of Ombiabura Chapel in Offude Parish have started preparations to mobilize funds for reroofing the chapel.
The roof of this Chapel was blown off by strong winds early this month.

Some Christians assess the level of destruction by storm on Ombiabura Chapel. PHOTO BY ROBERT ATIKU

Mr. Wilfred Azima the Project Secretary of the Chapel says, meetings have started to set up a renovation committee, who will in turn spearhead other activities for the renovation of this church house.
“We asked the Christians for a meeting today. That is sensitization meeting in order to form the renovation committee, which could lead us to have the bill of quantity by the technical people, where resource mobilization will begin  such that collections, purchases and contractors can be undertaken. Our hope is that before the end of November (this year), our church should be renovated.” Mr. Azima said.
Currently, Christians in this Chapel pray in the open roofed church structure.

Some Christians collect iron sheets of the blown off church roof. PHOTO BY ROBERT ATIKU.

The chapel catechist Mr Alex Anguyo identifies some of the sources of raising funds for the planned renovation.
“This Chapel is having eleven small Christian communities, then total number of house holds is two hundred thirteen. About thirty two people have taken different pledges amounting to over Ug. shs 1.3m, to support the church. We shall go on asking the Christians and my small Christian communities and my Christians who are  working out with government to come and support us, so that we can renovate our church.”
The chapel has also been preparing to celebrate its Patron Saint Day of St. Mathew on Sunday 21st September 2019, when this calamity struck.
Mr. Pastore Abiriga, the organizing chairperson for the function appeals to other well wishers to support  the chapel.
“My humble appeal goes to those who can support us, those who can help us, to come and join hands (on the Patron Saint feast day) to renovate our Chapel.” Mr Abiriga said.
Christians at the front view of the chapel

Christians at the front view of the chapel whose roof was blown off by strong wind. PHOTO BY ROBERT ATIKU

Comments from Christians
Mrs Grace Aziyo the chapel Treasurer says,”We are very sad, especially because the storm blew off the church roof. The Eucharistic centre status has also been withdrawn. We don’t have access to the body of Christ every Sunday, as it used to be. I ask other people to support us so that this church house is reroofed.” Mrs Grace said.
A member of Catholic Charismatic Renewal(CCR) from this Chapel, Mrs Betty Wadiko said, “Our plan was to support the Patron Saint feast day celebration.The storm  has now disorganized that planning. We request people of good will and other Charitable organizations to support us.”
Renovation of the church structure is expected to cost not less than Ug. Shs 6m. However, the technical people are yet to produce the bill of quantity.
This Chapel has a population of about one thousand six hundred  Christians.
Ombiabura Chapel, which was constructed in 1979, has been serving as an Eucharistic centre.