YUMBE. Plan international, a non governmental organisation operating in Bidibidi refugee settlement in Yumbe district has supported lower health units in the district with gas cylinders.
The health facilities that benefited from the offer include Kochi health centre lll, Alnoor health centre ll, Locomgbo health centre ll and Lokpe health centre ll.
Speaking to Radio Pacis on Wednesday, Mr Zubair Ojo the assistant district health officer incharge of environmental health said the gas cylinders will help in strengthening health system at the lower level health facilities.
“The gas cylinders will help us to reserve our cold chain especially the vaccines in the health facilities that benefited. We had been having some gas cylinders in the facilities but the guidelines requires that each facility should have at least two gas cylinders so the gas cylinders received will be additional to support the existing ones,” said.
He said though Plan international has donated the gas cylinders, they have a sustainability plan of how to maintain them together with the ministry of health.
He appealed to the incharges of the health facilities to monitor the level of the gas cylinders regularly and if they are over, they should report timely so that the ministry responds in filling them.
Mr Rashid Ojoatre the assistant chief administrative officer said the offer by plan international will enforce the capacity gaps interms of management of vaccines and other requirements in the cold chain system.
“We appreciate plan international for the offer because gas cylinders are used in refregerators to mantain the maximum temperature required by the vaccines to remain durable for a given period of time before they are administered to the patients.  We hope this will strengthen and improve the health service delivery and the performance of cold chain management systems in the facilities,” he said.
Ms Jane Alejo the secretary for social services said: “We had been having the problem of the shortages of gas cylinders in certain facilities but with the support by plan international, Expanded program of immunisation(EPI) services will improve.”