By Robert Ocitti

Gulu Municipal Development Forum-GMDF has launched a tree planting campaign in line with having the proposed Gulu City largely green with tree cover.

The event initially designed to be conducted by the officials of Gulu Municipal Development Forum was taken over by residents and some key stakeholders in Gulu town.

Notable were boda-boda operators, members of the business community, Uganda Revenue Authority officials among others.

Many of them wondered why the organizers of the activity wanted to ignore them yet they are equally interested in matters of conserving the environment and climate change mitigation.

Margret Orik Obonyo, the Regional Prisons Commander for Northern Uganda, who also represents the various security agencies on the forum explained why they got involved in the tree planting activity.

Orik said, “We are equally concerned and know that with green environment, life is good.

We are only worried because we might run out of the seedlings”.

George Aligech Lapiir, the President of Gulu Municipal Development Forum participated in the tree planting.

He said “A lot of roads have been now tarmacked in Gulu town. These roads will generate too much heat”.

Aligech justified the need for tree planting, adding that, “It is necessary for us to begin planting trees that will absorb heat from the roads”.

He encouraged the community of Gulu to ensure that the trees are protected and grow.

During the launch, 61 Christmas tree species were planted and more than two thousand trees will be planted under greening Gulu city initiative. End.