YUMBE. Yumbe district health department has done all the necessary arrangements for the forth coming Rubella, Measles and Polio immunisation campaign.
One of the activities was training of the stakeholders who will help in the campaign.
But during the training of the teachers at Apo seed secondary school on Sunday, the issue of  the migare transport facilitation killed the morale of the teachers.
Mr Ronald Bayo a teacher from Lodonga girls primary school said the UGX10,000 transport facilitation was not enough because some teachers used over UGX 30,000 to access the training venue.
“The training has really empowered us as teachers as most of the children who will be immunized are in our catchment area. The program if well conducted will kick off the anticipated diseases which will encroach the district,” he said.
He however said the only problem the program is going to face is financial support.
“The UGX 10,000 transport refund really made us to be disappointed because some of the distances covered are very far and worst of all this migare money is expected to paid through Mobile Money,” he complained.
Ms Josephine Bako the head teacher of Wetikoro primary school anticipates that they will face resistance from the adolescent learners in the process of immunisation.
“Most times when immunisation programs are conducted in schools we face problems from the adolescent learners between the ages of 12-14years so it will be hard to convince them because they have a believe that when they are vaccinated against diseases, they will be unable to reproduce,” she said.
Mr Richard Adiga the health educator said the success of the immunisation depends on the teachers because 80 per cent of the targets are in the schools.
“You(teachers) are the key stakeholders in this campaign and the success of this immunisation is dependant on you because majority of the children targeted are in schools,” he said.
“I know some where, some how, you may be disappointed with the kind of monies given to you especially the transport refund. There is nothing much we can do about it because it was pre-determined by the ministry of health but the most important thing is valuing the lives of our own children who are the pride of this country,” he added.
He encouraged the teachers not to loose hope and work closely with the health workers in their facilities for the success of the campaign.
Ms Jane Alejo the Secretary for social services supported the teachers saying their complaint was genuine.
“This UGX 10,000 transport refund is very little to facilitate teachers who travelled from far distances like Kerwa, Ariwa, Drajini, Kei, Kochi. This money only favours teachers who were near the training venue but next time when they are planning, let them consider distances,” she said.
She added; “This system of paying transport refund through mobile money is a another problem. When you go for workshops, meetings, organisers prefer paying participants through mobile money but it takes more than three months to pay you which is not good.”
She urged the ministry of health to work on reasonable transport that can take the teachers back next time.
Mass Rubella, Measles and Polio immunisation campaign is scheduled to run from 16th-20th, October, 2019. End.