By Salmon Ayuga

The out gone head prefect of the Koboko Public Secondary School Dawa Nunas Bida in her hand over report has noted that over 8 female students dropped out of school as a result of early prenancy.

Dawa also reported that there was also an increased number of indispline in the school during their term of office. She attributed to rise to the lack of cooperation among student leaders which made work difficult.

The head teacher of the school Mr. Godfrey Ezama confirmed this report requesting all stake holders to take this matter serious. He feared for the health of the girls becauseĀ  the recent statistics show that the HIV prevalence in Koboko town has gone up to around 6 percent.

The Town Clerk of Koboko Municipality Stanislaus Mangasa says such risky behaviors should not be left to the school administration. He rallied all the concerned stakeholders of the school to join hands together to fight all these vices facing the school.

The Old Students representative Michael Dramuke adviced the parents to play their role in bringing up their children very well. “Sometimes when children leave home they pretend to be good people but when they mix with their friends they become different people all togther so let’s monitor these children.”

According to the head teacher all the eight girls conceived outside the school and they were sent back to solve the matter at home and none of them reported back to school. End