YUMBE. Yumbe district examinations board has released the district and the regional mock results.
In the regional mock, 44 candidates passed in division one meanwhile in the district mock, 83 passed in first grade.
The officials say when the over 800 and 1500 candidates who obtained division two in the regional and the district mock examinations respectively work harder, the number of the first grades  will increase in the PLE.
Speaking during the release of the results  at the district chairpersons office  on Monday, Mr Abdala Amigo the chairperson Yumbe district examinations board said the board is optimistic that performance shall improve if attention is focussed  on the achievements and challenges.

Ms Zaitun Driwaru the woman mp(left) and Mr Yassin Taban(right) the district chairman pose for a photo with the best the candidates of Calvary primary school and their head teacher during the release of the results. PHOTO BY ROBERT ELEMA

He said this could be done with the aim of consolidating efforts on the strengths  and subsequently addressing the existing gaps.
”Performance is not only measured at primary seven but a holistic approach should be augmented from the lower classes inorder to build concrete foundation for learning in a bottom-top perspective”, he said.
Mr John Angulibo the district inspector of schools said the tradition of reporting to school late at the beginning of the term should be stopped for better results.
“If we want better results than what we are seen now, we must begin lessons early. When holidays end, immediately on day one, teachers and the children should report to school and start learning”, he said.
“If we still continue wirh the tradition of spending 2-3weeks at home, then the results wouldn’t be improved”, he added.
He said alot of time is wasted in other lower classes but teachers and other stakeholders only wake up at the end of the seven years.
Angulibo encouraged the teachers to interpret the curriculum very well but nothing of that kind would be a wastage of time.
Mr Martin kateregga education official from  Finn Church Aid(FCA) encouraged coordination among the settlement  and the host community schools.
“I want to appreciate the community schools for the good performance. We would be interacting and coordinating with the community schools and see how they made it so that the settlement schools also cope up and move at the same pace”, he said.

Mr Yassin Taban the district chairman greets the best girl in the results during the release of the results on Monday.

Mr Yassin Taban the district chairman said English and Mathematics subjects affected the Mock results.
“I critically analysed the performance of the subjects. If mathematics and English subjects are improved, we would be having over 200 first grades in Primary Leaving Examinations(PLE) but ley us have emphasis in trying to ensure that the key subjects are improved”, he said.
He added; “There must also be ethical behaviour  in the teaching fraternity at all times and the learners must behave while at home and school. When we begin putting learners in that vehicle, we are going to have good citizens  in this country because they learn ethics from homes, schools and when they are in the society, they will exhibit good behaviours”.
The  members of the examination board have been urged to organise and release mock results early so that the learners can identify and improve on their weaknesses. End.