MARACHA : Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has briefed over 200 officials who will take part in the conduct and management of the forth coming Primary Leaving Examinations in Maracha district.

The officials who included sixty four headteachers, thirty five scouts, thirty five supervisors, ninety six invigilators and five distributors were briefed on Friday at Maracha Primary school.

The UNEB district Monitor for Maracha district Mr. George Mukose briefed the officials on the rules and regulations governing the management of the National Examinations.

The Maracha district UNEB Monitor Mr. George Mukose addressing the officials on Friday at Maracha Primary school. PHOTO BY ROBERT ATIKU

He asked the officials to perform their duties with integrity and transparency.

“Information (I have received) is that Maracha has been doing very well in the previous PLE examinations. So I am happy to be standing in front of a powerful team, because you know when the team is weak, you’re worried but I am confident. We have the responsibility to ensure that we exhibit maximum integrity.” Mr. George said.

The Maracha District Education Officer in charge of Special Needs Education Mr. Richard Eyoga told the officials to serve basing on the guidelines already communicated to them so as not to get into trouble.

“This (PLE) is not a joking exercise. It’s country wide. Let us take care of our children (candidates). Different officials including scouts are coming to our district here. So we have to be careful with some of these instructions. We should not let somebody into problems.” Mr. Eyoga commented.

UNEB has also introduced an innovation where candidates will write random numbers on answer scripts instead of school names in an effort to reduce malpractice.


Maracha district has registered 2377 candidates, including 1537 males and 840 females for the 2019 Primary Leaving Examinations who will sit their papers in thirty five Examination Centres.

Maracha District Inspector of Schools Mr. Keffa Draku Anguandia said, some teachers who applied for this year’s PLE management in Maracha were dropped due to their incompetence exhibited in management of such previous examinations.

“For those who have seen their names on the appointment list, we did our best to make sure the right persons were selected and appointed for the best jobs. There are some of you who are going to do this work for the first time. And there are those who have been traditional officials. For your information, we had to wave off some of you who had been traditional officials. Because it has come to my knowledge that some of you think that they can not always miss the exercise. They are quite sure that they will always be there. We have dropped such people. And there are people dropped due to their inefficiency. We have been briefing you but despite the briefing, some of you mess about with PLE issues especially supervisors. If you have been dropped, it means there has been a problem with you. ” Mr. Draku explained.


The Headteacher Tara Primary school in Tara subcounty, Mr. Henry Tokobua suggested that UNEB should re_adjust the programming for briefing of officials so that it doesn’t conflict with briefing of candidates.

Mr. Henry Tokobua the Headteacher Tara Primary school makes a remark at the briefing meeting on Friday 1st November 2019 at Maracha Primary school. PHOTO BY ROBERT ATIKU

“It’s really a problem to have two briefings at a go. Now there is less time for us to go back and brief the candidates. In Maracha I have not heard about malpractice. I ask Headteachers to continue with that Spirit of not having malpractice in our district.” Mr. Tokobua remarked.

By press time, some headteachers were waiting to rush back to their respective schools to brief candidates and make other final arrangements.

Primary Seven candidates in various schools in Uganda are set to sit for their National Primary Leaving Examinations on November 4th and 5th this year.

On Monday 4th November 2019 at 9:00am the candidates will start writing their Mathematics paper and at 2:00pm the same day, they will also write their Social Studies paper. And on Tuesday 5th November 2019 at 9:00am, the candidates will sit for Science paper and then complete the examinations with English paper later the same day at 2:00pm.

All the candidates were also scheduled to be briefed on Friday 1st November 2019.

This year’s PLE is done on the theme, “Integrity and Security in the management of examinations is my responsibility.”End