Dokolo: Ministry of Works to spend 4 billion shillings on Amodo swamp that connects two sub counties in Dokolo District.

The 2 kilometer swamp stretches from Adwoko parish in Agwata sub county to Okwongdul, a new Sub County curved from Kwera Sub County all in Dokolo District.

According to Eng Kitonza Stephen,  the commissioner of Roads and Bridges at the ministry of works out of the over 500 swamps that needs to be worked on in the country,  Amodo is the first in line.

Hon. Cecilia Ogwal, Eng. Stephene Kitonsa (on her right pointing at something ) with other locals at the bridge

“Bridges and drainage structures are a very big challenge. I can tell you now we have about 500 bridge sites so you are so lucky that Amodo has now come top f the list and about 4 billion shillings will be spent here.” He said.

Eng Richard Odongo the project coordinator explained the kind of work that will be done saying they will need support from the community for the work to be successful.

“When you see us working on the road, bridges will also be fixed. Around four Box culverts from the Ministry will be put here,  and also around 20 round culverts that will be used to control the flow of water will also be placed.” He explained.

He continued to say “We need cooperation from the community around here because we will need workers. The Ministry will only bring drivers but people like masons, helpers, carpenters and steel benders will have to come from among you people here”

Mr Fedrich Odongo, the LCV chairperson for Dokolo District said the community of the two Sub Counties are eager to see that the work starts and are willing to support the process.

Fedrick ODONGO, LCV chairperson person (on a wheelchair) with locals at the bridge

“Our community are very ready to work. A number of them are wishing that if the machine could come tomorrow they would be able to work. We are ready to provide the labor force, materials and all that we will provide.”

Meanwhile Hon. Cecilia Ogwal,  the Dokolo Woman Member of Parliament who said she had raised the issue of the swamp to the President during the women’s day celebration held in Dokolo District in 2017 is excited to see that the collaboration between the leaders is paying off.

Amodo swamp in Dokolo District

“I’m very happy that because of collaboration and of course power of lobbying your Minister Gen. Katumba Wamala, we have been able to chat over this issue like the budget he has assured me and the confirmation of that assurance is what I am seeing.” She said.

The community around the swamp had for long been complaining on the swamp which they said had frustrated business.

Lilly Otiti from Aciti village in Adwoki parish said the biggest challenge is “crossing the swamp when you do not have money. The people who should carry you across needs to be paid!”

Some residents during the visit of the swamp

Another only identified as Jenifer says “this swamp should be worked on. When you come here even if you are sick you will have to pay some money before other people help you cross.”

Another swamp that will be worked on is Abalanga which connects Dokolo in Lango Sub region to Kaberamaido District in Teso Sub Region. The work is expected to cost about 1.3 Billion shillings. END