By Sabir Musa

West Nile Rural Electrification Company-WENRECo has embarked on load shading electricity supply across West Nile Region, following a technical breakdown at Nyagak 1 Hydro Electric Power Plant and at the Thermal Plant in Arua.

However some power consumers in Arua town have expressed disatisfaction about this issue  saying this affects their business.

The Manager of Talp and Sons Engineering, Amos Ayikobua says, their machines cannot run when there is no power.

“We have a bigger campany in carpentry machinery we need a lot of power and we consume a lot of power and we make alot of furniture, house hold exterior and internior and we need adequarte power becaues if there is no power we can not run or operate any machine’’.

Brian Angudubo, a business operator in the town appealed for improvement in power supply to boost businesses

“First of all I don’t run anything i just stay and then if am not working I give you money that is money I have alredy paid for, where do I get my profit you take hours to bring the power back where do I get the money that I have paid for I give you money bacause I also need money now I have paid alredy this is in advance actually this is an advance that I have  paid  but idon`t get money out of it so where is the profit’’.

By presstime, the General Manager of WENRECo, Dido Lumanyika was travelling to Zombo District where the power plant is located, He explained that the Technical Team is working inorder to fix the problems .

“We are having some slight  technical issues that’s why am travellintg to zombo we have technical issues with our generators so we are trying to ressolve that when it can be resolved I can not tell untill I get there but that’s the main reason why some customers are experinceing some loadshedding its not because of anything its because we are having some technical issues with our generators’’.

WENRECo is currently generating power from Nyagak and at the Thermal Plant in Arua. End