By Okello Jaspher

GULU- Occupants of a local market in Gulu Municipality are appalled by the poor garbage management at the market. The vendors at Wilobo market have decried the state of hygiene and sanitation at the market, pointing fingers at Gulu Municipal Council for ignoring their responsibility.

Grace Obonyo, a market vendor says responsible authorities delay to collect waste at the marketing. “Waste collected from pece division is being damped at Wilobo market. It’s unfortunate that they take long to dispose of the waste collected. We know that there is no designated place for waste management here. I beg you please to collect the waste timely because we are scared of getting infected with diseases. The odour is much, even place for short call is not there”, complained Obonyo.

A modern garbage transportation truck


Another vendor, Florence Acaa castigated nearby residents for the poor hygiene of the market. “When waste is collected today, the next day it will be back again to its previous level, because most people from Pece divison even those who can dig a rubbish pit bring it here. Public health monitors should enforce landlords to construct rubbish pits. Few one’s renting should be allowed to bring their waste at the garbage collection point. Also, waste should be collected regularly otherwise we shall die of poor hygiene”, lamented Acaa.


An improvised garbage truck (Credit: URN)

However, Gulu Municipality Mayor George Labeja says the divisions should take the responsibility. “Many people normally think collection of garbage is the work of the mayor or the work of the town clerk. That has really made the division chairpersons, the town clerk of the divisions relaxed because people don’t blame them” the mayor explained. He claims that the municipality always makes available the garbage trucks for fueling by the division but they (divisions) seem indifferent, “Most of the time they blame the mayor, that is not the work of the town clerk and the mayor. Those are work of the divisions. If there is garbage in any division, as the municipal mother council we provide the truck. The truck is there, take the truck fuel the truck and collect your garbage”.

Waste management has always been a challenge in small markets within the municipality posing threats to human health. Gulu town has for long been struggling disposal of garbage like, polythene bags, plastics, sewage and residual organic matter.  Mid this year, the municipality secured 5.9 billion shillings from KfW, a Germany government-owned development bank and World Bank for the construction of a modern waste management plant.  The money is to be used to purchase a waste sorting plant that will operate in Laroo Division as the municipality to gears for a city status. The projection for completion of the project next year. End