GULU-The current fundraising strategies being used for the 2019 CT scan project for St. Mary’s hospital Lacor have so far attracted about 41-million shillings out of the over 3-billion shillings required for purchasing and the installing the highly sophisticated medical equipment.

John Bosco Uhuru, is one of the central organizing committee members for the project. On the latest support, Uhuru says, “we are very grateful for the generosity exhibited so far. We have again got 2-million shillings from Maharaja International Ltd, an Indian-owned business outlet in Gulu. We have seen contributions go directly to Lacor Hospital and others direct to the account in Centenary Bank. We already have 41-million shillings and optimistic to raise the needed money if we join hands together”.

Lambert Lamax Akena, the secretary of Health, Education, sports and social services for Gulu district local government, says the CT scan project is a very good initiative which needs to be supported by everyone in Acholi sub region and beyond.

Dr. Cyprian Opira, the executive director of St. Mary’s hospital Lacor assures the members of the available expertise to handle this very important equipment once it is procured. “The machine will be in safe hands once procured”, he said.

A recent photo moment at the Archbishop’s residence after a donation made towards the project

Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, Gulu district chairperson says government has to take full responsibility in ensuring that such key medical equipment and services are available for locals. The central organizing committee being chaired by the Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese, John Baptist Odama has set a time frame of January 2020 to have the CT scan functional. End.