By Immaculate Amony

Catholic media practitioners have been called to effectively and efficiently exercise their duties with Love, Mercy and Skillful thoughts.

The message was passed by Rt. Rev. Bishop Sanctus Lino Wanok, the ordinary of Lira Diocese while addressing a group of catholic media practitioners who had paid a visit to him at his residence.

Bishop Sanctus Lino Wanok addressing a group of catholic media practitioners who had paid a visit to him at his residence.

The Bishop said the indigenous people should know what to do and that communication is very important in evangelization.

“We have a lot since you are the media and communication is very important in evangelization- in good news, evangelization means the good news.”

“To give the good news which Jesus brought, we need to communicate it effectively so communication is very important and once we don’t know our work or how to communicate it brings problems in what the Church calls catechize. We need communicators to the people so that they know what they are doing. Without this there is nothing we can do and that’s why your role is very important in the church and Lango sub region.” He added

Basing on the biblical writings, the Lord Bishop said God is Love, Mercy and Skillful worker whom the journalists should emulate. Adding that they should always know and report the right facts without shying away from them.

“So this is the image of God and the image of humanity. He created us in his own image and this is the image of God we have- we are supposed to be Love, we are supposed to be Mercy and skillful workers, not just work but skillful work like the facts.”

“And we have to take that mantel and then stand and say this is way of doing things without corruption but we shy away maybe because of ignorance we don’t know what to do but we want to start it. For me I want your organizations to remain catholic in character so that you are well organised and well focused in a catholic way and communicate all the falsity truthfully.”

As a strategy to develop the Diocese, the Bishop does not only want to meet the media practitioners but also the various groups of people in the community.

“I’m not only with journalists but I’m getting to the “ocat will” and they have already got their leadership so next year we are going to journey with them. I will get them a priest who will be helping them to know what to do and how to present themselves in the level of economics in the country and remaining truthful.”

“And then every boda- boda, every driver and all the Catholics in different sectors of life will have to identify themselves  like how the lawyers and judges have started making themselves, they have made appointment for January next year.”

Meanwhile Charles Dickens Elem, the proprietor of Radio North Fm 89.0 who doubles as the chairperson Diocesan communication commission said it’s a privilege to meet the Bishop and that the team is ready to spread the gospel.

“It’s really a big privilege for us to meet you, I’m sure there are very many people who wants to see, meet and have a meeting with you and they could not get that opportunity. It is through media that evangelization can reach everyone because we have both electronic and print media and I want to assure you that we are ready and willing to work with the church not only to spread the Gospel but also to inform the people.”

Today’s meeting followed the first meeting which took on Independence day. END.