By Lalam Gloria

After four years of works that stalled on the rehabilitation of Kaunda grounds located in Bar-dege division in Gulu municipality, Gulu Municipal Council, with support from the UPDF has launched the second phase of works expected to cost not less than 8-million shillings. The rehabilitation works have been supported by the UPDF from the fourth division headquarters in Gulu Municipality.

Kaunda grounds hosting a recent event in Gulu Municipality

The 4th division commander, Brigadier General Bonny Bamwiseki says more than 80-million shillings has been injected for the project.  He added that a truck of cement has also arrived for the works to commence. They also intend to make the pavers bricks from the work-site in order to minimize time wastage. According to the general, he is going to supervise the works but cannot proceed without the necessary guidance from the municipal engineer since municipal officials know better the demarcations of the site where works are to take place.

A wheel chair basketball tournament in Kaunda Grounds

The chief engineer for the UPDF, Lieutenant Hassan Mawa says the phase-two of the works they are shall focus on the access road for the parades. He added that, all the foot paths created on the ground shall be blocked.

Gulu Municipal Council Town Clerk, Edward Kiwanuka commended the UPDF for their great work towards the development of Gulu and the whole country and says they shall work hand in hand with the UPDF to ensure quality works.

Police deploy in Kaunda Grounds to block and opposition politician protest

The construction of the 120-metres by 100-metres parade ground stalled for the last four years due to delayed release of funds and limited machinery. The works left require fixing pavers, tarmacking access roads and matching areas. Kaunda Grounds, which was named after former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda, has been the main venue for hosting district and national events in Gulu. End.