By Lalam Gloria

A case of a woman who was convicted for murdering husband and was sentenced to 240 hours of community service has been questioned by the directorate of public prosecution before the court of Appeal sitting in Gulu High Court for the last one week now.

State Prosecutor, Moses Onencan told this court that the sentence that the pretrial judge ordered for in this case is illegal and is not provided for in the law, there for he would wish that this court comes up and gives an appropriate sentence to deter other offenders. Daniel Evans Olwoc the respondent’s lawyer who held state brief asked court to dismiss the application filed by the DPP in court as it was not necessary that the DPP appealed on behalf of the victim and to doubt the ruling made by the high court. He said the woman realized her mistake, pleaded guilty to the offence and she was a first time offender.The court of appeal lead judge, Justice Kenneth Kakuru, and the two other judges were interjecting every time the two parties were giving their submissions.

According to the background of this case, Agnes Apio was 22 years at the time of the offense and resident of Omar B LC1 village, Angwet-Angwet Parish, Adek Okwok sub county in Lira district on 15/7/2014 caused the death of James Okoyi, 30, by then, by hitting him on the head several times using a club, he collapsed and was rushed to Lira regional Hospital where he died. In addition, Apio was cohabiting with Okoyi, now deceased, since 2005 and they had three children. The misunderstanding came up when Okoyi fell in love with the sister of Apio and this strained their relationship. Apio followed Okoyi to the home of Molly Ejang where she picked up a club and hit him several times on the head before he collapsed and was taken to hospital. On 8/10/2014, Justice Winfred Nabisinde, while sitting at Lira High Court sentenced Apio to 240 hours of community service at Akalo Health Centre-Three in Kole district under the supervision of the LC3 chairperson and if she fails to abide by, she would serve 3 years jail term.

Deputy Chief Justice, Alphonse Owiny-Dollo

The Court of Appeal will for the next two weeks be working in Gulu District in order to dispose of over 40 cases that have been filed at the court since 2012. The session started from November 25th.  Court of Appeal Justices Percy Tuhaise, Remmy Kasule and Kenneth Kakuru on Monday, November 25th started the session at Gulu High Court. The court’s presiding officer, Deputy Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny said their decision to pitch camp in the area came following an overwhelming number of appeals they have registered from the region over the years. During the opening session, Justice Dollo warned lawyers against promoting their personal interests when seeking justice for their clients. End