MARACHA : During his funeral over the weekend, the Christians of Tara Sub Parish talked positively about the contributions of late Baba Lonzino Tatia.

He passed away on Thursday afternoon after he collapsed on his way back from his brother’s home and died instantly.

The late was a founder member of Ombavu Chapel and served as the Chapel Catechist for 50 years.

While talking during late Lonzino’s funeral service on Saturday, the Head of Doctrine Department of Arua Diocese Fr. Felix Epima said, the late has been one of the significant persons in his life.

“When I lost my dad, who was also a Catechist, late Lonzino encouraged me to replace him(my late dad) in the service of God. He used to pray that some of the children in Ombavu should join the different vocations including Priesthood. He inspired me to pick interest in becoming a priest. He was a person who wished everybody well in life.” Fr. Felix said.

Late Lonzino also reportedly inspired many Christians to join the vocation of Catechist.

The younger brother of late Lonzino, Mr. Simon Abiribale said, he was the pillar of unity at their home.

“Father Lonzino believed in togetherness. He discouraged any attempts to segregate people. He also easily forgave people who wronged him.” Mr. Abiribale said.

The Parish Priest of Tara Sub Parish Fr. Jino Adroni has asked the Christians and Catechists to emulate the good deeds of late Baba Lonzino.

“Our Catechists and Christins should learn from all those good talks about the late. I think it’s because of his good life actions that many mourners are here for his send off. We can still seek late Lonzino’s guidance through prayers.” Father Jino said.

He became a Catechist in 1970 and contributed in the construction of the former church structure of Ombavu Chapel between 1970 to 1972.

His wish was to see Tara Zone become a Parish and Ombavu Chapel to become an Eucharistic centre(nears fruition).

The eldest daughter of late Baba Lonzino, Ms. Hellen Bako said, “Our late dad never allowed back biting at home. He encouraged truthfulness. He was a kind, humble, simple and forgiving person . He always expected people to be together. We shall miss his wise advise and way of life.” Ms Hellen said.


He attended P.1 to P.5 at Tara Primary school and later dropped out due to lack of school fees. He later went to Lugazi and worked as a sugar cane cutter.

He returned and married his wife in 1960. He received the sacrament of matrimony in 1965 and lived in the sacramental life till his death.

He died on Thursday 23rd January 2020 at the age of 84 years. Late Baba Lonzino is survived by a widow and five children, three females and two males.

He was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Bataka village, Tara subcounty, Maracha district. Ends