By Dramadri Federick & Amule Daniel

145 units of blood were donated on 8th March 2020 in Arua town in honor of international women’s day celebrations. The blood donation drive was initiated by radio Pacis in partnership with Arua Regional referral hospital and Arua blood bank.

Residents of Arua town participating in the Blood Donation exercise at Arua Police Ground

According to the Human Resource Manager of Arua Diocese Media Centre – Radio Pacis Sarah Amviko, the donation drive is aimed at reducing the shortage of blood in the country.

“Looking at the situation in the country there is shortage of blood we thought there was a need to donate blood and we had to take the initiative such that others would follow,” she added.

She stressed that blood is not manufactured therefore the blood bank can’t have blood without donation.

Amviko Sarah Human Resource Manager ADMC donating blood

Arua Regional Blood Bank Recruitment Officer Dr. Williams Mungujakisa is grateful for partners like Radio Pacis who have helped in mobilizing communities through their radio programs like adverts, announcements and the various news bulletins.

He further urged the community to embrace blood donation as the units in the blood blank cannot serve the entire region for weeks as the number of those in need of blood is overwhelming.

According to Mungujackisa they realized 145 units of blood at the end of the day and urges other corporate bodies to emulate Radio Pacis in participating in the blood donation.

Mungujakisa Francis the blood recruitment officer sharing a light moment with Amviko Sarah

Views from the Donors

Director Arua Diocese Media Centre – Radio Pacis Fr. Charles Idraku

I am very happy that in collaboration with Arua Regional Referral Hospital and Arua Blood Bank, we are on this blood donation drive on Women’s Day. We know that the challenge of blood is real in many of our hospitals and health centers when people are in critical conditions sometimes you find the right blood group is not there. I encourage everybody to donate blood, it doesn’t take long, and it doesn’t pain however it’s good for renewing your own blood, the bone marrow works to rebuild new and fresh blood. This is also the season of Lent so this is another way of being charitable to other people.

Mukulia Lawrence Presenter of Kuyi Uti Ngero

This is my first time to donate blood and it is such an experience. I got the motivation to donate blood following the death of my nephew who needed blood.

Amule Daniel Social Media Coordinator Radio Pacis

I missed the last two blood donation drives but I came for this one with one thing on my mind to donate and after 6 minutes there was my first donation.  I feel awesome because this is my first time to donate, my journey to more years of donation starts today 8th march 2020. Happy Women’s Day

Anguyo Difen Baker Construction Worker Based Along Duka Lane

This is my twenty fifth time to donate blood and my reason for donation is I want to save as many lives as possible because life is precious and many people are losing life through accidents, during labor and many others.

Mambo Moses from Oli C Cell in River Oli Division

I used to fear donating and it was the messages I heard on Radio Pacis that motivated me to donate.Last week I visited some wards and observed that there were many anemia cases among mothers and children in Arua Regional Referral Hospital this compelled me to take up blood donation.

This is the third time Radio Pacis is organizing a blood donation drive as a way to give back to the community especially the mothers, children and accident victims who need this blood. End