By William Engamvile

Communication Secretary Tara Sub Parish

All is set for the grand fundraising drive to plaster the outer Wall of Ombavu Chapel in Oliepi Zone, Tara Sub Parish. During the 3rd General Meeting at the church attended by Christians and Central Organizing Committee members. A number of activities have been proposed to raise funds to accomplish the works of the chapel. The COC and Christians agreed to process and issue letters to invited guests,groups and communities. The other source of funding is COC member’s contributions and Christians. A budget of about 3.5 million was drafted for the fundraising.

The COC chairperson of the fundraising drive Mr. Atiku Lawrence applauded the Christians of Ombavu for the good turn up and self interest shown towards the organization of the fundraising.

He further stressed that massive mobilization of people should be a key priority for the COC in order to receive good amount of money during the fundraising drive by both the Christians and the invited visitors.

Mr. Mundua Patrick project chairperson of Ombavu Chapel construction says, the purpose of the fundraising is ensure that they complete plastering the outside wall, painting the inside room and purchase of furniture for the new chapel.

Mr Mundua emphasized that plans were underway to elevate the chapel to a Eucharist centre so there was need to work on the remaining parts, apart from the installation of the Tabernacle,construction of the sanctuary, plastering of the floor and inside wall,painting of the sanctuary, fixing of doors and windows among others are done.

Catechist Odama Luke of Ombavu chapel however, calls upon Christians to cooperate with the COC in order  to register success in the fundraising. The grand fundraising drive is slated for Sunday 3rd may 2020. End