MARACHA: Members of Maracha district Task force for COVID_19 disease have asked area members of Parliament to support the fight against the disease in the district.

The members said non of the area MPs have attended any of the district task force meetings for COVID_19. More than nine meetings for COVID_19 Maracha district Task force have sat.

The town clerk Maracha Town Council Mr. Onesmus Amandu said, “People’s MPs left Kampala long time (ago). They are on ground with their people. I am aware some of our MPs are still in Kampala. Find possible means of communicating to them, that in the next meeting let them appear. Actually, they could be supporting us this time. What is wrong with an MP giving twenty bags of posho?” Mr. Amandu asked.

“When I saw the contributions which the President was reading, you even see an LC 1 chairman contributing either ten thousand or one million shillings. Another one comes with tonnes of posho and beans. Let our MPs come in the next meeting because we are now resource constrained, we present some of these issues to them. What are they doing? How much have they brought? Let them come to our rescue.” said Mr. Rasul Jurua, Maracha district health Inspector.

Maracha district Chairman Mr Lawrence Adiga who is also the head of sub_committee for Planning and Resource mobilization appeals to key political figures in the district to donate to the district task force for COVID_19.
“Politicians in other places have joined the district task force. They are contributing resources. But when I saw you the list of donations from Maracha, you will get two or three politicians who have contributed. I want to appeal to them (politicians) . Let them come and donate resources which we shall use to fight this common disease Corona virus.” Mr Adiga said.

According to Maracha District Health officer Dr Paul Onzubo, although the district has received shs 165m from Ministry of Finance for COVID_19 disease activities, some budget areas have still remained unfunded.

“Quite a number of our budget areas have remained unfunded and we shall appeal to our development partners, implementing partners to take those ones up. Especially, orientation of health workers, contact tracing and prevention and control training.” Mr. Onzubo said.

The district health officer added that Maracha had prepared a wish budget of over shs 740m to adequately attend to COVID_19 activities.

Donations to District Task Force

Among the political figures who have contributed to the district task force include, Mrs. Rose Ayaka Woman MP Maracha who contributed shs 200000, Mrs. Ruth Ondoru former Woman MP Maracha gave shs 400000, Mrs. Jennifer Driwaru aspiring Woman MP Maracha donated two sacks of cassava flour and shs 50000, Mr. Patrick Adima aspiring MP for Maracha East Constituency gave shs 200000 and printed flyers with messages on COVID_19 worth shs 1m among others. Companies and organizations including Radio stations, KK group of companies, Meridian Tobacco company, Amani Initiative, Avsi Foundation, UNFP and other individuals have also made some contributions to Maracha district Task Force for COVID_19 disease.

The demands for contribution by these MPs come at a time when the legislatures are battling the saga of shs10b, part of the supplementary budget they allocated to themselves.

When contacted via Whatsapp messaging social media application, Mr. James Acidri the Member of Parliament for Maracha East Constituency said, “Don’t worry about those people. We are doing our legitimate work in parliament. We shall send the money back to parliamentary commission or district task force.”

Maracha district has three Members of Parliament including two constituency representatives and one Woman MP, who can raise shs 60m for the district task force for COVID_19 if they all return the money in question to the district.

The Ugandan law makers recently received shs 20m each allegedly for COVID_19 disease activities, but the High Court ordered for refund of this money after the allocation was challenged in courts by MP Gerald Karuhanga.

In his recent address to the Nation, President Museveni also criticized the MPs for allocating the money to themselves which he termed as morally reprehensible. End