By Musa Sabir

With the approval of Arua as one of the regional cities that becomes operational in July this year, the current Vurra Constituency will remain as a residual Arua District.

Parliament recently approved a motion to create 15 cities including Arua and Gulu among others.

However, Vurra County will be known as Arua District with its headquarters at the current Arua Municipality when the city becomes operational in July.

The District Councillor for Logiri Sub County, Mr. Boniface Alioni who doubles as the Vice Chairperson of Arua District Local Government explains that, all the newly created administrative units will benefit from the current district budget in line with Ministry of Finance.

We are about 80% with our budgeting and planning, we shall budget for whole of Arua including Vurra County, Ayivu County and Terego County. Now that these administrative units have been created, we are going to divide the budget on the instruction of the Ministry of Finance.

More money will be advanced to cater for new created administrative units of Arua City and Terego District.

However, the State Minister for Finance, Dr. Gabriel Arindru, who is also the Member of Parliament for Vurra County says, creation of the new administrative units come after a long struggle and will help to address some needs of the region.

I am really very happy that this now concludes one of the biggest political problems that we had in West Nile, and I think with creation of Terego District, and Vurra becoming now Arua District, most of the grievances which people had are definitely going to be resolved particularly for people of Vurra and Terego, that has been a long wait.

Meanwhile, Vurra Sub County LC 3 Chairperson, Mr. Nixon Abaku Lita welcomes Vurra as a district it its administrative changes that may come.

Arua City will start operating on the budget of municipality and a supplementary budget will be drawn as top-up to run the activities.

Parliament on Tuesday also approved creation of Terego District out of the mother Arua District leaving Vurra as residual district. End