By Musa Sabir

West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre has launched a campaign to increase awareness of urban communities in Arua District about the deadly corona virus.

The campaign dubbed ‘Tualu Ama Ecora’ (Together We Can) involves door to door movement to educate the community in different sub counties of the district.

The Team Leader at West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre, Mr. Drate Yassin Jaffar explains that, the campaign is to ensure messages on Corona-virus reach to the grassroots.

He says, this door to door campaign is an initiative that seeks to increase awareness of the rural community.

Majorly because we have found out that people at grassroots do not have access to information, most of them do not understand what Corona virus is and how to they can prevent spread of the virus.

However, the Programs Officer, Ms. Nadia Iddi says, community members in some of the sub counties that they have visited are positively responding to this initiative.

The team have so far covered Dadamu, Oluko and Pajulu Sub Counties (all in Ayivu County) and River Oli Division in Arua Municipality.

The community have actually appreciated our work because majority of them do not have access to radios to get these information, some of them do not understand English, so we use our local language (Lugabra) to explain to them.They really understand and they used to hear about Corona-virus just as a word but when we went down there (to the communities) to talk to them about it, they now understand what it is and they have promised to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines.

According to the Programs Director, Ms. Getrude Ezaru, this program will be extended to other districts in region when the resources are available.

The campaign has not attracted any support from partners as they recently commenced with their activities and the team have cited lack of transport as the main challenge as the government had put ban on private transports during the countrywide lock-down. End