By Musa Sabir

As result of the countrywide lock-down which came in with directives that do not allow public gatherings, Arua Regional Blood Bank launched a blood donation campaign to collect blood from villages.

Village Health Team Members were required to register 15 people per village for the blood donation, but VHTs in Arua have expressed challenges as few people have embraced the program.

The Coordinator for Village Health Team members in Bazaar Ward, Arua Municipality Mrs. Safia Ajio explains that many of those who showed interest failed to donate since they lack food to feed themselves.

Out of the 12 people who registered in Central Market, only 2 willingly donated and the 10 expressed challenge of under nutrition as they are unable to afford food to the impact of due to lock-down. 

A Village Health Team member at Arua Public Cell, Mr. Sadam Adiris says that the clients who registered for blood donation demand for food relief.

I registered around 27 people but during the day of donation, the clients were complaining that the programs comes at wrong time that they don’t have food and they don’t have energy.

He says the clients were asking for government’s assistance to support them with relief food items.

However, the Principal Medical Officer, In-charge of Arua Regional Blood Bank, Dr. Atiku Isaac acknowledges the challenges and hopes that this will improve.

It’s a big challenge but I think it’s working, we started in Nebbi and the response there was good, here (in Arua) we have started, the Arua team has not taken fully but I think it is going to pick up very well.

By press time, the blood band had about 300 units were collected both in Nebbi and Arua District but only about 200 units of blood was stored at the facility as others were distributed. End