By Musa Sabir

The Parliament of Uganda recently approved creation of Terego District, out of the mother Arua District in accordance with Article 179 (a) of the constitution of Uganda.

An interim council will be formed to start operation of the district before the generation election where substantive political leaders will be elected.

However, some Councilors have shown interest for the position of District Chairperson in the newly created Terego District.

Former Arua District Finance Committee Chairperson, Mr. Wena Bayo, who is also the District Councilor for Aiivu Sub County confirms that, he will run for the position in general election.

So am waiting for the general election, am just waiting for whoever is ready to face with me.

Wena also said that anyone who wishes to become the Interim District Chairperson should not run for the position in general election as District L.C Chairperson since the  person is likely to use district resources for campaigns.

The District Councilor of Omugo Sub County, Ms. Victoria Candiru says, if given the mandate, she will take up the position as Interim Chairperson.

If the 10 Councilors (District Councilors from Terego County) feel that I am competent enough to start this district, and they give me their mandate, please I will do that.

Although Victoria was not open on her interest to become as the District Interim Chairperson, she says the local community has been asking her to lead them from parish, sub-county and up to the district levels.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission is yet to receive official communication from the Ministry of Local Government after Parliament’s approval to include Terego in the general elections.

Arua District Returning Officer, Mr. Juma Shesha explains that the parliament will communicate to the Ministry of Local Government before the Electoral Commission starts to organize elections for Terego.

Among other Councilors who seem to show interest for the position includes District Councilor of Odupi Sub County, Augustine Vuni and Arua District Speaker, Suleiman Onduma who is also the District Councilor of Katrini Sub County.