By George Buatre

The local council chairman of Ndei A Village in Panyimur Sub County Pakwach District Nicholas Opar is calling for an immediate intervention from the government to help in relocating the affected people whose houses have been submerged by the recent rising water level of Lake Albert.

According to Ndei A village chairman the affected people are now living with some of their relatives in very appalling conditions.

I am appealing to the government to come to the rescue of the affected residents because I am anticipating a very serious flood since the elders say in 2964 the lake over flooded beyond 200 metres of the wetland and destroyed households and crops.

Ndei sub county Walter Okello appealed to the affected people to be calm as he claimed they delayed to complain to the technical people.

However Shaban Kinobe Panyimur sub county chairperson explained that the flood submerged most of the landing sites in Panyimur causing a lot of destructions.

It has submerged most of the landing sites in Panyimur and caused severe devastations to facilities that we put up like the modern fishing markets in Singila, Ndei and Kayonga including some houses in Ndei A village.

Pakwach District Environment officer Jennifer Oweka encouraged the victims of the disaster to think of relocating themselves before they face more serious devastating consequences from the flood.

The victims should help themselves to be relocated since it will take time for the office of the Prime Minister to respond to their cry as the district has not mandate to relocate people affected by such disasters.

According to Toko Swaib Resident District Commissioner Pakwach people living around the Lake Albert shores must respect the 200metres buffer zone and 100 meters for rivers to avoid being affected by floods. End