By Musa Sabir

The Deputy Town Clerk of Arua Municipal Council, Mr. Cornelius Jobile says, planning and consultation are the key activities that will be undertaken before Arua City becomes operational.

Cornelius explains that, the municipal’s first priority under urban development is to embark on areas that have not been planned. He says, planning and sensitization of key stakeholders are activities that they will start with.
“As the city will take-off, we’ll start from where planning stopped and then eventually also extend the plans to those other areas which are not covered, so planning is going to be the first key activity to be undertaken when the city starts” Cornelius explains.

“But the preliminary activities before this implementation of the plan (of cause) must be the consultations, we need to engage in extensive consultations with communities, areas to be brought on board, key opinion leaders, leaders of the district (generally key stakeholders)” he added.

The Municipal Official cited countrywide lock-down as a challenge to commence some of the activities.  Arua Municipal Council in February approved a motion to degazzete Barifa Forest Reserve to pave way for development of an Eco-City.

Speaking during the meeting to approve the motion, River Oli Division Chairperson, Mr. Muzaid Khemis asked the developers to ensure that Arua becomes an organized city.

“I want to pray that, with what I have in Oli, with what we have in the current municipality and with the paths that we don’t call roads, that must be one of the cities that we must not regret as am part of it” the Chairman appealed.

However, in an interview with Radio Pacis, the Deputy Mayor Arua Municipal Council, Madam Kalsum Abdu Fadimula revealed that, the Ministry is yet to send guidelines for the operationalization of Arua City.

“It has been approved in parliament but now we have not even seen the structure; how the city is going to be, the boundaries and even how the representation will be is not yet clear” She revealed.

“We are waiting from the Ministry to see exactly how the structure (for the city) will be” Deputy Mayor add.

Arua is one of the towns in Uganda parliament recently approved to be elevated as regional cities and it becomes operational effective July this 2020. End