By Musa Sabir

The management of Arua Regional Referral Hospital has commended the Medical Interns at the facility for their contribution in service delivery.

This regional hospital currently has a total of 277 staff on payroll, serving in 25 different departments.

According to the management, they still experience shortage when all the staff are deployed in their various departments.

However, the facility admitted 34 Medical Interns for their practice and now these interns have helped a great deal in improving service delivery.

The Principal Hospital Administrator, Mr. Michael Odur explains that, the Interns greatly contribute at the facility.

If you add on the number of 34 Interns which we have, you will realize that they are a very big force (human resource force) which helps in service provision

He says the interns are divided into different departments of Surgery, Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology. These are the major departments which the management needed more human resource trained and mentored.

So in other words, Interns cover almost all the units in the hospital and they are the big force which we cannot under look.

Eunice Aboyo, the President of Interns at the hospital, who graduated from Gulu University last year says, they have gained more skills as they continue offering service at the facility.

We are posted here to learn and also to give support therefore in this particular Covid 19 period, we have an opportunity to learn, we are going to be among the first doctors to learn Covid cases.

Aboyo also expressed that, their contribution to the hospital has helped to cover the gaps where staff are taken to other departments.

The medical students at the hospital receives accommodation, welfare and other facilitation during 1 year of their study period at the facility.

However, earlier this year in February, the hospital had planned to employ more specialized Doctors to close the staffing gap at the hospital. End