By Dramadri Federick

Madi Okollo District: There was excitement in Madi Okollo as the biggest opposition party Forum for Democratic Change FDC party established its offices in the district. Since the district started on 1st July, 2019, there were no political party offices in the district and this made it had for aspirants contesting for the various political positions to obtain guidance from the party they support .

While launching the offices, Hon Hassan Kaps Fungaro the member of parliament Obongi Constituency who is also the deputy secretary for organization and mobilization Northern Uganda for FDC party says this is intended to fasten coordination of the party activities in the district.

Today we are grateful for the people of Madi Okollo district for having received the party wholeheartedly and for the success of the establishment of its offices in the district. We now have three offices in this district one in Rhino camp Sub county for Lower Madi and the other in Okollo sub county for Upper Madi meanwhile the other office is centrally located at the district headquarters to coordinate the two offices, we have established three offices due to the nature of the roads, internet interruptions as well as network challenges and we have looked at the wide range of these Sub counties. 

Fungaro further explains that each office will have its own employed staff, party constitution, party flag and others.

The commissioner Forum for Democratic Change FDC West Nile region Hajji Abdulhakim Moli who is also the acting chairperson of Forum for Democratic Change FDC party Arua district launched the offices stressing that they are a step a head of all the political parties in the country.

He urged the population to feel free and be ready to consult on any issues to do with the party and be able to join and compete for political positions right from local council one up to high level positions like presidents.

There should be no scramble and congestion on one position with on ticket to ensure that the party flag bearer gunners majority of the votes and eventually wins, youths and women should come up in large numbers to fill the interest forms so that the part is represented fully in the district and even the special interest groups so that the base of this party is better and stronger. Therefore, use the party to check the errors and support of the government towards the district.

The interim chairperson Madimva Rokoni L Odama appreciates the party officials for establishing the offices.

It’s my pleasure to have been installed as the first district chairperson of Forum for Democratic Change FDC party in Madi Okollo District. We have been facing a lot of challenges in coordinating the FDC activities like picking of interest forms necessitated members traveling to Arua to get them. It has not been easy also to move within the district as the mobile network in the district is not regular making internet surfing difficult.

Onzima Suleiman an aspirant for district chairman Madi Okollo District on FDC party ticket says it’s an opportunity for them especially the opposition aspirants to save, mobile and easily coordinate there activities within their candidature.

He added that it’s the right time to let the public know of the existence of the party as in the whole of the district, people were green about the operations of the opposition political parties as they feel marginalized. End