By Oduti Albert

Obongi District: The rise in water level in Obongi has left many business operators stranded after the ferry was stopped.

This has led to a drastic reduction on businesses due to the closed link between the two districts of Adjumani and Obongi.

Information obtained from the businessmen and women at the landing site in Obongi town over the weekend.

Faida Jamila a businesswoman in Obongi revealed that from the time the ferry was stopped, there was no business at the landing site.

We just go to the landing site to pass time without making good businesses.

Ajio Zaituna a hotel operator said that they used to get their money from the passengers who use ferry transport but since the lock down of the ferry at Sinyanya because of the flood, business has not been normal.

Mr. Ayiko Swali is a boat operator who revealed that they have lost a lot of businesses since the level of the water has increased making the landing of the boats difficult. He also complained of the harbors which have become muddy due to the excessive water making customers prefer other harbors which are maintained well.

According to Abau Aisha they are flooded and have nowhere to go. She wanted to know how the government is going to help them out of their situations since they still continue to pay revenue for the businesses they are carrying on.

Hon Maneno Aisha the councilor of Lionga parish Obongi Town Council reported that the increase of the water has made many businesswomen in dilemma since business dropped drastically and buying food became the toughest.

The badly hit villages by the flood of Albert Nile are Town East and Nsambia which are direct beneficiaries of the businesses carried on and around the river.  End