By Dramadri Federick

Arua City: Most of the bodaboda riders in Arua City are finding it hard to cope with the directives set for resumption of their operations.

Among these conditions include having a corona virus customer notebook for registering the customers in order to trace them easily in case of any infection, putting on face mask for both the bodaboda and the customer, wearing of a helmet for the riders, improvising hand-washing equipment including hand sanitizers.

Charles Adriko a bodaboda rider at MTN stage on Rhino camp road reveals that wasn’t not easy from the start as many customers did not accept the changes. He stresses that he bought a notebook, has a helmet and has water and soap readily available for customers to wash their hands though its expensive to acquire a hand sanitizer.

Since morning till noon I have only managed to carry one customer. The challenge here is customers do not want to give their details. When you ask them some move away but others can board but refuse to give their details.

Kizito Adriko another bodaboda rider at Ediofe trading Centre says government should review some of the conditions such as writing customer details as most customers reject the exercise especially the women who claim that this can cause divorce in families in case a bodaboda calls them in the presence of their husbands.

Christine Bako a customer within the City explains that life has not been easy especially without the bodaboda transport.

Commuting to and from work place has not been easy but with this lift, I am very happy. What is still a challenge I’ve observed is most of the customers do not adhere to the directives and hence finding it had for the bodabodas.

However, the Resident City Commissioner of Arua City Mr. Nahori Oya appeals to the public to observe the directives for their own good.

All these directives are for our own good so the public should not see it as though the government is being unjust. The fact is that we want to see a free Uganda after a few weeks and then we resume our normal activities.

The Regional Police Commander West Nile region Richard Okulu warns the bodaboda about violating the guidelines.

Those bodabodas who do not follow these directives shall be arrested by the police and taken to court and shall be charged for attempted murder. What is expected of the bodaboda are mostly things that they usually do especially wearing helmet, hand washing, and others should not be a big worry to raise an alarm.

President Museveni last week directed that bodabodas resume operation but under the guidance of city authorities. The Government has set tough terms for bodabodas ahead of their resumption of business. Among the new terms, all operators will have to first be registered at particular stages before starting to ferry passengers. End