By Dramadri Frederick

Arua City: A number of Journalists in Arua have gotten tested for Corona virus at Arua District Health Office Premises.

This follows an official announcement made by the acting District Officer on Monday 27th July, 2020 calling the Media Fraternity to send their Journalists to test for the disease.

Kevin Vusia, a media practitioner with Radio Pacis appreciated Arua District COVID-19 Task-force for the initiative. She stressed that testing for journalists is very important though most fear the testing process.

The process was not as I envisioned at first, though I felt some pain as the swab was inserted in my nose the testing didn’t take time. I encourage my colleagues to come for this test for their own good and the rest of the community.

Stephen Candia attached to Uganda Radio Network says he felt excited when he heard of the announcement but appeals to the District Taskforces in other districts to pick a leaf from Arua District Task force.

I appreciate the district corona virus task force for having brought the initiative, testing is the first most important thing in our lives. It has not been an easy experience for instance when they are pushing the machine for removing the swab from the nose I felt a lot of pain but eventually it went and now I’m happy waiting for my result.

The Treasurer West Nile Press Association Felix Warom who coordinated the program appeals to the Journalists to appreciate the effort of the District Taskforce.

I am really happy for the positive response of the Journalists towards this exercise and I expect those who have not yet turned up to do so. As Journalists we need to lead by example; this experience will help us understand what we write or report about.

Warom encouraged the journalists to have a good health seeking behavior by having continuous tests not only for Corona, HIV AIDS but every disease so that they know their health status and we live longer.

The Acting District Health Officer Arua District Paul Bishop Drileba explains that the initiative was specifically for the media because the journalists are among the most at risk groups of people.

He added that other groups shall be brought on board for tests after they are done with testing the Journalists.

We have identified journalists as one of the key groups who are at high risk because of the nature of their work. We expect about sixty of them to be tested, so far the exercise is moving on well as we still have enough testing kits.

Bishop Drileba appeals to the media management to cooperate with the task force in case a journalist tests positive. He emphasizes job security for any journalist found positive must be guaranteed and helped to resume work after treatment. ‘

The exercise is expected to run for more two days and the results of the first samples taken on 28th July will be ready by Friday 31st July 2020. End