The appeal was made during the administration of Baptism at the parish. 49 infants were baptism in Olua chapel Oriajini parish.

Father Drici Emmanuel in his homily appealed to parents and guardians to love each other and try as much as possible to stand in their true Christian faith not to go and pray to other gods.

“With all the sacraments received by them they can pray together as a family or call a catechist to pray with them. Even one can offer his time and pray before the Eucharist with proper intentions which God might hear and offer their needs.” He added

He further encouraged parents to groom their children they have sacrificed to God who have received the baptism spiritually, morally and physically so that they can be good citizens and be ready for a call to the vocation of God.

As per the parish council of Oriajini Parish parents offered 132 seedlings before the parish priest for blessings to be planted as commitment for the child.

Parish council chairperson Jimmy Atiku advised the Christians to adhere to the presidential directives of Covid 19 by encouraging them to wear face masks whenever they move to community gatherings. End