The increasing cases of teenage pregnancy and early marriages in this lock down period have raised concern from both local and religious leaders in West Nile Region.

Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki ordinary of Arua Diocese says that schools are going to register low number of girls in schools once they open.

According to a report from the diocesan health department, the diocese has registered an over whelming number of young mothers in this time of Covid 19.

The bishop therefore appeals to parents and communities to take full responsibility of parenting by engaging the children on domestic work and spiritual nourishment of children but also having home learning either on TV or radio or by having home coaching. He encouraged parents to be close to their child especially the girls.

Have joking and fun time with the children like having meals together and recreation activities so that they can enjoy each other’s company. This will help avoid the children to escape and meet wrong people who will make them get pregnant.

Arua District alone in the period of four months has registered a total of 700 cases of teenage pregnancy seeing a rise from 4% to 15%.

Koboko District has registered a total of 800 cases of teenage pregnancy and Maracha district is another one that have registered over whelming  number of teenage pregnancy. End