By Daniel Amule

Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki the ordinary of Arua Diocese made the comments while presiding over the celebration of the first profession of the six novices to brotherhood.

The Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki said it would be of importance to allow Christians to fellowship together in this time of Covid 19 pandemic. According to the Bishop, the church has always followed some of the Standard operating Procedures even before Covid 19.

He further highlighted some of the SOPs like the church not being full like it used to be, having water for washing hands at the entrance, the church ushers being available to check for the use of masks and also directing Christians on the sitting and checking temperature of Christians can all be implemented.

On the concerns about delivering of Holy Communion, the Bishop says that it can be given to an individual hands as the priest giving Holy Communion can wear masks.

“Places of worship are very important at this time of the pandemic. Also the places of worship can be used to educate the masses if the priests are instructed they can impact knowledge to the people who come to pray. If they are not open then the opportunity to educate the people will not be possible.” Bishop noted

Arua District Khadi, Bishop Of Madi & West Nile Diocese and some Religious leaders in West Nile Region have also made a similar call to the government to speed up the process of reopening of the worship places, amidst this COVID 19 pandemic.

The religious leaders have noted that in such times of the pandemic people need divine interventions to transform their lives and ask for God’s Mercy. End