By Dramadri Federick

Arua City: Rotarian Malarian Partners RMPs in conjunction with Ministry Of Health and African Heads of States have introduced new tree species that are mosquito repellents aimed at leaving no one with malaria in Uganda.

The Ten years project valued at 10,000US$ dubbed; ‘Malaria free Uganda 2030’ was launched at Muni University started with the planting of the various mosquito repellent trees species in both Kuluva hospital and Muni University.

The club chairperson rotary club of Kampala Kenneth Mugisha who launched the project explains that most of the mosquitoes are used to the chemicals sprayed to either kill or despise them.

‘Why we foresee these plants more effective is that they are friendly to the environment and others can be eaten by humans as food supplements so I encourage the public to pick interest in these plants and spread them all over the region so as to reduce the costs spent on medicines” Kenneth said.

Similarly the club president Rotary Arua Ronald Andama reveals that they are preparing to extend the services to the community

‘We have secured two plots from some of our members about five hectares for putting up a nursery bed and this ensures that every homestead gets the mosquito repellent plants’. Ronald reveals.

Moses Okello a lecturer and the Acting Dean in the faculty of Agriculture Muni University applauds the partnership and adds that they are ready to multiply the species and supply the region

“As University we interested in identifying species and ensuring that this opportunity is not  wasted and benefits the population, we shall multiply the various species you have given us and look into more research on them”. Moses Added.

However the acting director Kuluva hospital Dr Alex Atiku explains that between 30%-40% malaria cases are reported in the hospital which is very high amidst the mosquito net.

“Our Outpatient Department daily receives either three to four sick persons with Malaria infections, most of these are children below fourteen years and pregnant mothers , elderly men and women follow”

In 2019 the rotary club of Arua piloted this project in the parishes of Kuluva and Iwaa in Arua district that have shown a positive impact on human health and the environment. End