By Engamville William

Persons with visual impairment in koboko district together with the traffic police of koboko central police station have sensitized the entire community of koboko about the use of the road by the blind on Saturday 7 th November 2020.

The community awareness program for the people of Koboko was organized by Koboko district Association of the blind and this was supported by Patricia Ayite daughter to late general Isaac Lumago for the entire community of koboko.

This sensitization was held in various places like Oraba town ,Keri town, Ombaci town ,Koboko main round about and Koboko Taxi Park.

Apayi Zabib chairperson of the association of the blind in koboko district explains that they targeted the community to pass the message about the use of White cane by the blind. According to because many people in koboko don’t have knowledge about the white cane by the blind, this has increased the cases of road accidents involving person with visual impairment.  She explains that this initiative is to help in reducing cases of accident on the road.

Corporal Patrick Oyoo Deputy traffic officer of koboko says it’s important to give respect to the white cane whenever persons with visual impairment are crossing the road. He stresses that drivers need to stop when they see anyone holding a white cane on the road.

Patrick further stresses that the program shall continue especially on the usage of zebra crossing as many motorists don’t obey the rule of zebra crossing in koboko.

As this program targeted road users like drivers, motorists, bicycle riders and the able bodied across the district many of the road users in the district were appreciatative of this initiative. End