By Dramadri Federick

Arua City.

Mark Anthony a resident of Pajulu ward in Ayivu division, Arua City who a had a taste of one of these eggs in a hotel along Onduparaka road reveals that his life is in danger as this has affected his internal organs.

He added that when the tea girl brought the eggs with some black tea, he did not realize anything as the outer shells appeared the same like that of a normal egg.

Since I did not take anything in the morning I felt I should eat something, and I requested for some eggs ,they appeared normal but when I broke one of the eggs I saw the yolk orange and the white chamber feels like aplastic been heated.

However, when Anthony ate the first egg he started feeling sore throat and stomach pain. This forced him to leave the rest of the eggs and asked the attendant why the eggs taste  like that. And this prompted him to report the matter to Arua Central Police Station under the ref. No. 37/4/12/2020 from which an investigation was launched.

Meanwhile the proprietor of the hotel Monika Atizuyo equally confirms that these eggs were far different from the previous ones that she used to boil.

As soon as the customer notified us of the incidence, I taught the eggs were not properly boiled but when we boiled again they remained the same, the yolk was orange, it has no taste, no smell and feels like a liquid grease when you feel in your hands. I returned them to where I bought them and even the CID took my statement.

Moses Andama the retailer from whom these eggs were bought said it’s true that some eggs were returned to his shop and he had sent them back to the wholesaler. He bought the eggs from Quality Poultry Farm limited located along Rhino camp road opposite former MUBS where the eggs are sold cheaper at 5,000/= compared to 10,000 and 11,000/=.

After a team of investigators stormed the wholesale shop, the shop attendant locked the shop and directed that he can’t speak for the company and gave a contact number of one of the directors who preferred to be called Paul.

When Paul was called on this allegation he said anyone who wants information must go to their headquarters and up to date the shop is still closed. On the same evening two sacks weighing 25kgs packed with eggs were dumped in ‘Oyoze stream’ in Baruku cell about three Kilometers from the Shop.

Rehema Medina an eye witness said young boys about fifteen to seventeen years old, seven in number came with the two sacks which they left in the stream.

I didn’t know whether the eggs were spoiled, some children also came and collected some and the rest were washed way by rain and the remains are still in the banks of the stream.

The City Health Inspector Arua City, Godfrey Apangu confirms that it’s true his office received the information and have joined the investigation team .

We launched the investigation but due to inadequate information leading to a concrete conclusion we never proceed and we couldn’t do much as the owner of the shop denied having sold such an egg and eventually disappeared up to date.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the company belongs to some senior officers in the government, and it is still unclear  how many people have eaten such eggs in West Nile, parts of DR Congo and South Sudan. End