By Amule Daniel

Zoa in partnership with Radio Pacis in a bid to honor the teachers and appreciate the pupils who participated in the radio learning program has supported 9 pupils with scholastic materials.

William Enjoy the programs manager education Zoa west Nile program expressed his dismay at some educationists in Arua who didn’t appreciate the radio learning program but appreciated the teachers for their efforts.

Aleni Isaiah from Koboko, Joseph Alli Dadamu, Alioru Barbra Ocodri, Yakobo Mvara, Aitasi Petra Vivian Ragem, Alex Pivu Jiako, Mungueconi Usher Ragem, Monica Imvepi, and Brian Malunga Eruba were the learners who called Radio Pacis every day to participate in the radio learning program. They shared the experiences.

To some parents who accompanied their children to pick the awards, this is a very good initiative to encourage more pupils to engage in learning even at home.

The team leader of the teacher’s Adomati Ronald a science teacher in Arua Primary School was excited to meet the learners and appreciated Radio Pacis and ZOA for this program.

According to The Programs Manager Radio Pacis Noel Ayikobua they received the request from ZOA to teach on the radio with positivity.

The Deputy Program Manager Zoa West Nile SUMAI PRUIJSSEN was grateful to all the stakeholders who were involved in the radio learning program.

We received comments from the district that the program was not relevant but we appreciate the teachers, parents and especially the children who called in to participate in the radio learning program.

ZOA Uganda has for the last three months on focused on home schooling via the radio and on support to small group learning at home. The radio learning programs on radio Pacis targeted p.4 p.5 and p.6 pupils with teachers drawn from some of the best schools in the region. End