By Dramadri Federick

Arua City: Annually event celebrated every 3rd of December, the International Day of the Persons with Disabilities for the greater Arua district was celebrated on 15th December due to technical challenges.

The International Day of the Persons with Disabilities attracted delegates from Arua district, Terego, and Arua city all at Arua Hill division Headquarters.

Acidri Ephraim the councilor representing Persons with Disabilities to Arua City says the Persons With Disabilities in the division face a lot of challenges on the road. Many of the persons with Disabilities have become victims of accident.  Many of the road users do not accord the necessary support to them and most of them are been pushed away from the white lane.

The central Organizing Committee Chairperson of the function Muki Joshua says the delay in giving the theme to the respective districts made it difficult to start organizing for the event.

Denis Okuga a language interpreter notes that most of the persons with Disabilities face challenges due to communication barrier.

“During the curfew in Arua district two of the persons with hearing impairments have been beaten to death.”

He now appeals to the district to institute an interpreter in the district.

Acidri Philliam Chairperson Greater Arua district Disability Council notes that special grants have been given to the community development officers to benefit Persons with Disabilities and expressed dismay over misuse of funds.

“We got reports that one of the sub county Community Development officer’s has embezzled 4,000,000/= meant for the Persons with Disabilities”.

He appeals to the Community Development officer In charge of Persons with Disabilities Arua district to take the matter up.

Meanwhile the Community Development officer In charge of disability and the Elderly Arua District expressed gratitude to Arua district for employing the persons with Disabilities in the various positions.

“We have been loved so much by Arua district that they have employed persons with Disabilities in the various positions like Mr. Dratele Richard the CDO of Ajia Sub County and also Non governmental organizations like World Vision, RICE West Nile, Humanity Inclusion and others for their inclusiveness”

Draru Lillian the Assistant Community Development officer Arua said several opportunities are available for the Persons With Disabilities in the various Sub counties like the Special Grants, National Special Grants been recently brought in and the Various programs that also benefit the PWDs.

“I encourage the PWDs to come in groups to access these funds as most of these monies are not been properly utilized to benefit the targeted beneficiaries.”

The representative of World Vision Jackline Angal says there is hope for life for the Persons With Disability through including them in the projects.

“We have secured some funds for COVID-19 recovery and disability livelihoods to be implemented in Omugo and Imvepi Sub counties.”

She added that they have trained PWDs with skills in Art and Craft to improve on the conditions of living.

The Deputy District Internal Security Officer Arua Steven Dravu says the theme for this event ‘promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities during the corona pandemic a call for action’ is an interesting theme that signals the rightful need for action as the pandemic affected all.

He also encouraged the PWDs to come up and show their presence so that they can be seen and helped in time. He cautioned the community against discriminating PWDS.

The event was colored with presentation of the various talents in Art and Craft by Persons With Disabilities. End