By Ronald Acema Koboko

More than forty Ex combatants from Abuku Subcounty in Koboko District have received Training from the Amnesty Commission on the Environmental Management.

The training according Ambassador Retired Colonel Gama Obitre the North Western Region DRT with Amnesty Commission is aimed at equipping the participants with the Knowledge of caring for the tress issued to the beneficiaries by Amnesty Commission under the re integration package for the Ex combatants.

This program of Environmental Management and Tree Planting is Part of Amnesty Commission Package of re integration for the reporters. Those in Abuku Subcounty Selected tree planting and they received the trees in September and two weeks ago, the Headquarters called me and send some money to train them so that they can take good care of the trees.

The Subcounty Chairperson of Abuku Swaib Kenyi has called on the beneficiaries to impress the program to Improve on their Livelihoods.

If we use the money from these trees to pay school fees, our children will help us in future and that is what I call objective planting.

Mr. Yobuga Khemis Juma an Ex combatant of Nyoricheku Parish in Abuku Subcounty says, good maintenance practice for the trees is essential if beneficiaries are to feel the impact of the intervention.

After planting these trees, you maintain them. I have planted 124 pines 100 mangoes and even Zabibu trees Avocadoes and Oranges, I bought two cows out of timber from trees, therefore each household should plant at least 50 trees.”

Retired Lieutenant Afema Jabiri Mohammed Koboko District Coordinator for Ex Combatants admits that there is need for the population to impress tree planting to ease life for the human nature.

You Know, without trees our lives can be at risk. So with these trees to the Ex combatants my appeal is for the members is to protect them because the trees are our lives.

The available information from the office of the Amnesty Commission indicates that, there are 9681 Ex Combatants from West Nile region while 1011 are women as of 2013. End