By Dramadri Federick

Madi okollo Woman parliamentary Candidate Joanne Aniku Okia on National Resistance Movement NRM ticket has been declared unopposed following denomination of the opponent Gloria Aciru on Alliance for National Transformation ANT ticket by the electoral commission.

This comes after a petition launched against Gloria Aciru over discrepancies surrounding her nomination.

In the complaint raised on 14/12/2020, the petitioner noted that signatures were fogged for two supporters Aliya Katerena and Angubo Issac and wrong attributions were made.

In the judgement before the commission, Angubo Isaac presented the national identity card and his teaching ID denying been a peasant farmer, meanwhile Aliya Katerena proved illiterate by failing to sign and denied been Gloria’s supporter.

This made the election administrator of Madi Okollo District with consultation from the National Electoral Commission to declare Joanne unopposed effective 14/1/2021.

In a letter dated 02/1/2021 by the National Electoral Commissioner Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon under the ref no. LEG75/79/01, the commissioner directed the election Administrator Madi Okollo district to denominate and declare Joanne Aniku Okia as the Woman Member of Parliament.

The Election Administrator Madi okollo district Olinga John Gonzaga said basing on the findings and the evidence from the two people he has be authorized to declare Joanne as the sole Woman Member of Parliament Madi Okollo district

“There are two supporters who denied signing for her so that’s how she was kicked out but when you check in the system ten people are there but I don’t know how the information reached the commission in Kampala that two of these denied having signed for Aciru Gloria so that’s how she has been denominated by the commission and I was directed to declare Joanne Aniku Okia as the Woman Member of Parliament”.

However, Aciru Gloria on Alliance for National Transformation ANT ticket whose nomination has been cancelled believes the ruling was not in a fair manner.

“Am very disappointed that this is happening to my people Madi who need special attention, a united ground and a firm foundation at this time, I’ve never seen a situation were a leader wants to be uncompetitive, and is to be sent by the people not by democratic process, this is unfortunately what the people have got.”

Meanwhile the dully declared Joanne Aniku Okia on NRM ticket as the woman Member of Parliament distances herself from interfering with any of the ruling process.

“I came to help build Madi I would never want it destroyed, I have not paid money to anybody to say anything, do anything in any of these processes though the petitioner was my supporter.“

This success for the National Resistance Movement NRM candidate follows series of events right from the nomination where one Monica Grace dropped nomination due to discrepancies surrounding her academic papers and this leaves two NRM Women MPs in West Nile unopposed including that of Arua district.

Madi Okollo District has a total of 64,200 Voters dully registered with the Electoral Commission awaiting the general elections. End