By Dramadri

Madi Okollo District.
Madi Okollo district has received 11 billion Uganda shillings under Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) Program.The funds that have been dispatched to the newly created districts of Madi Okollo, Terego and Arua district are aimed at promoting infrastructure development.
The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Madi Okollo District, Moses Dalili explains that the money has come timely, as their hands were tied in speeding development in the district. Five resource centres, the first at the district headquarters 1.5 billion and the rest in the lower local governments, including Inde town council, Ogoko, Rhino Camp and Rhigbo sub-counties all at 825 million each.

Madi Okollo district headquarters.

Constructing Boma ground at Inde Town council at 1 billion shillings, market in Inde town council at 1.4 billion shillings and another market at Matangacia in Rigbo sub-county at 1.6 billion shillings and finally the road from Rigbo leading to the Nile will cost about 1.3 billion shillings.
Dalili further reveals that other infrastructures like the markets and roads shall be worked on in the second phase and five billion shillings is expected to be utilised in the first phase, starting May 2021. Meanwhile the district secretary for production Madi Okollo district, Michael Candia explains that most of the infrastructure that were inherited from Arua district have remained dilapidated and with the USMID money, this will change the face and enhance business in the district.
It has been long overdue that we have been waiting for funds, because we couldn’t move far as we didn’t have money in the account to do all these developments. And most of these structures are dilapidated. Others shall be put in place for the first time, like the markets and the recreational grounds and these shall boost revenue to the district.
Madi Okollo district that was carved from Arua district in 2019 covers a total of 1,978 square kilometres with a population of about 26,936 people.