By Ronald Acema


Close to 50 ex-combatants from Koboko district have received training on linking with government programmes, with support from Amnesty Commission at Midia sub-county headquarters.
According to Ambassador Retired Colonel Obitre Gama, the Demobilisation Resettlement Team leader with Amnesty Commission, the training focuses on better positioning of the ex-combatants to tap opportunities from government.Midia sub-county chairperson Bran Acukule acknowledges that the ex-combatants population in Koboko district form part of the special interest groups and plays an enormous role in the effective implementation of government programmes.To Afema Mohammed Jabir, the coordinator for Amnesty Commission Koboko district, the knowledge acquired will be passed to the generations of people.Sulaiman Taban, an ex-combatant from South Division in Koboko municipality claims that the training has come at a time when several ex-combatants in the district have been sidelined in government programmes and expects a change in trend of events following the training.Taban M. Swale, another ex-combatant from Ludura sub-county is determined to derive new mode of approaching relevant offices so as to benefit from government programmes.Established in the year 2000 to end armed conflict in Uganda, Armnesty Commission has over 9,000 members from West Nile region.