By Dramadri
Arua City.

Arua Hill Stadium which is still under Construction experienced and abrupt breakdown of the cantilever from the top most roofing stage of the business block along facing Arua Pakwach road .One of the cantilevers of the six measuring eight meters broke as workers resumed works on the Stadium.
The CEO Development Infrastructure Sunday Etrima explains that this happened due to failure to listen to the supervisors.

“ what has happened was really a mistake on the side of the workers, they removed the support when it had not reached exact period which is 28 days instead of 15days and worst enough the beam was suspended in air and block works were already done on it and this was already exalting pressure no worker was injured.” Sunday explained.

The CEO Development Infrastructure company limited Sunday Etrima addressing the media over the breakdown of the eight meters cantilever at Arua Hill Stadium

The Senior Civil Engineer Of Arua City Anthony Dradria attributes the breakdown to failure to lay schedules of work for clear monitoring.

“we blame the developer because he did not lay schedules, this would help the workers to know what is to be done at what time and be able to guide the technical personnel of the Council in monitoring the progress of works. There are moments we come here we don’t find workers on ground and when you come the next time you will realize that workers were mobilized and the work is done”.

We needed to know what is covered, it means the concrete was covered in form work without inspecting the reinforcement . ‘Dradria said

Meanwhile the LC3 chairperson Arua Hill Division Nezima Ocokoru urge the developer and the supervisors to work diligently in producing quality.

“I have observed a problem with supervision which either has not been perfectly done on the side of the contractor or the supervisors were here, the workers would not have removed the support but this is unfortunate, we would not wish to loose such a multi billion facility.”

The LC3 chairperson of Arua Hill division expressing worries over the break down.

The Mayor Arua City Alhajji Issa Kato calls upon the public not to live in panic as the broken part has not affected much the Stadium.
Arua Hill Stadium which is contracted to Development Infrastructure under the Public Private Partnership has a capacity of (75×100)meters pitch taking 10,000 people standing and 20,000people sitting and this is valued at 37-billion Ugandan shillings.