The Adjumani urban council authority has employed a new strategy to crack down on the defiant dealers of the banned crude liquor or sachets waragi after the traders employed the mouse and cast tactics.

The Adjumani district ordinance on Public Health and Sanitation 2015, that came into force on January 2, 2017, outlaws the importation, brewing or sale and consumption of the crude liquor in any part of the district.

The town clerk Lagu Samuel on 15th February, 2017 led a team of local leaders, technical officers and the police impounding over seventy boxes of the outlawed liquor and thereafter set them ablaze at the main round after.

This time, the team avoided the door to door operations but swiftly moved to specific spots after obtaining accurate intelligence information according to town clerk Lagu.

The sachets liquor that were impounded includes; Yes, Simba, Commando and Victor, others are Hello, Royal whisky and Adrikos.

When the team reached “Drivers corner” a notorious place for hard core drunkards’, the town clerk Lagu Samuel was resisted when he attempted to educate them on the dangers of consuming the crude liquor and the number of alcohol related deaths registered in the town.

One of the infamous drunkards shouted” what is the benefit of dying with good liver?”, while another drunken customer interrupted and utters that those who lost their lives to the crude liquor are” cowards “,prompting the town clerk to order for his arrest.

At Kailongo bar, another notorious drinking joint on the outskirts of the town the team found two alcoholic drinking Adrikos, but they disowned the drink.

Briefing the press after the exercise, the town clerk Lagu Samuel has warned traders and consumers of the sachets waragi of total restraint since the Adjumani district council Ordinance had forbidden the sale and consumption of the crude liquor.

He said the next operations will involve the arrests of sellers and consumers of the banned waragi with the view of prosecuting them in the courts of law.

The  town clerk cautioned traders who are still smuggling in the crude liquor that they will be arrested and arraigned before courts of law and their trading licenses withdrawn to deter others from engaging in the illegitimate business.

The LCI chairman central II village Vini Williams believe the banning of the crude liquor will instill discipline among a section of lazy youths and other alcoholics who have found solace in the sachets waragi.

While dozens of the aggrieved traders who have fallen victims of the operations argue the implementation of the ordinance was too abrupt and asked for more time for clearing their stocks.

Section 56, of the ordinance states that any person who contravenes a provision of the ordinance commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a term of imprisonment not exceeding six months. End.